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Leica DISTO D410

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Leica DISTO D410 is the first in line Outdoor Distance Measure with a range of 150m. The big issue when measuring outside is that you can’t see the laser dot in daylight. Leica have solved this issue with real time targeting (Digital Pointfinder). The colour screen of the D410 shows a clear image of the object you are measuring to. It’s just like taking a picture & zooming in & out! It’s fantastically simple to use, with a 4x focus zoom function, so you can accurately see what you are targeting & hit it easily in daylight. It’s robust & reliable in outdoor conditions with class IP65 jet water & dust resistance. With an intuitive user interface to select functions, the Leica DISTO D410 – is perfect for simple & precise outdoor measurements.

DIMENSIONS: 14.3 x 5.8 x 2.9 cm